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Holy Spirit, Quezon City |

I really appreciate the fast transaction, I got my first order in less than 24 hours 🙂 I can’t believe it’s only been less than a week but already my 100g jar of shea butter is almost empty. I also gave some to my mom and after one application the night before, she called me to tell me that it had a nice effect on her face the next morning. I’ve been slathering the shea butter all over, but what I find VERY soothing and therapeutic is using it alone as a cleansing oil for my face: I rub and melt the butter on my palm (the natural heat from your palm will dissolve it), massage it onto my face for about 5 mins and let it sit for another 15-20 mins. I sure don’t mind looking like a grease ball specially since I mostly work and stay at home, not to mention the stuff feels wonderful on the skin. Then, when the time is up, I just blot my face gently with a paper towel. Just like my mom, when I looked at my face the next morning, the results got me excited!!! My face looked smoother and brighter and definitely felt softer. I have OK skin to begin with and this butter did not cause any breakouts or reactions. I have fine lines under my eyes which I’m trying to target. I’m already seeing some improvement; I’ll let you know when it looks a lot better.

I really love your product and I hope you’ll continue supplying this great stuff in the Philippines–forever. I watched some videos on YouTube, by the way, on how shea butter is made and I just have absolute respect for the women who make it! Awesome! Like one of the commenters said on one of the videos, I hope the workers from your supplier in Ghana are well-paid because they deserve it 🙂 Anyway, sorry to blabber on but I’m ready to order the biggest size. Can you assure me that I will be getting the freshest batch? I’m not sure how long it’s going to last me but you can be assured that if I continue to get your quality products you have a regular customer :))) Oh by the way, I loved your Dudu Osun black African soap too. I hope more people will find out about you! Thanks a lot, you’ve been very helpful.