How To Use Shea Butter

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African Shea butter is derived from the nut of the Karite tree, which grows throughout the Savannah belt of West Africa. African Shea butter has been utilized for centuries for its amazing ability to renew, repair and protect the skin. The name Karite means the Tree of Life, due to the many important ways that the people of this region use the Shea fruit.

How To Use Shea Butter

  • Shea butter can be used in foods and cooking. Used on the skin, it has a healing effects on burns, ulcerated skin, stretch marks, dryness and other skin conditions. It contains vegetable fats that promote cell regeneration and circulation, making it a wonderful healer and rejuvenate for troubled or aging skin.
  • Since it is very high in Vitamins A, E & F, it aids in cell regeneration and circulation. It also moisturizes the skin with all the necessary ingredients that the skin needs for balance, elasticity and tone.
  • Shea butter has a distinctive nutty scent. Minutes after being applied to the skin however, it is quickly absorbed and the scent fades away.
  • When made into soap, it exfoliates the skin, gently cleaning and moisturizing at the same time.
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